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We Are Building the Most Intelligent Food & Beverage Factories on the Planet.

Passtur was founded in 2022 to build the world’s first autonomous manufacturing network for Food & Beverage.


In 1990, a large food or beverage company had 12 to 15 SKUs in its portfolio. Today that number has exploded to over 5,000. As product portfolios have evolved, the manufacturing infrastructure creating them has not. Passtur exists to bridge that gap.

We partner with brands from formulation to distribution, getting their products to market faster, smarter, & cleaner than ever before.

Areas of Expertise

01. Formulation    |     02. Manufacturing    |     03. Packaging    |     04. Distribution    |     05. Sustainability

As We Scale, So Does Our Impact

A third of global emissions can be attributed to Food Systems. Our food & beverage supply chains need change, now. A Passtur facility saves 60 tons of carbon per month vs incumbents - and our impact doesn't stop at the factory floor. Our lines are 70-80% smaller than alternatives, so we can operate where others can't. Middle mile logistics & the corresponding emissions disappear as our network expands, helping our planet & our customers.

Our Investors

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